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Elevate Your Trading Game with Specialized Commodity Analytics

Solution 1

Options Analytics Platform

  • Precision Option Valuation: Access pricing, comprehensive historical data, and cutting-edge analytics tools, all within arm's reach for your commodity options trading
  • Strategic Trade Simulators: Employ our sophisticated trade simulators to gauge profit scenarios and risk profiles, ensuring you're equipped for every market condition
  • Intuitive Trade Structuring: Articulate complex trades and strategies effortlessly with our natural language processing capabilities—trading sophistication made simple
  • Opportunity Discovery Scanner: Our trade scanner sifts through the noise to spotlight lucrative market opportunities, giving you the edge in commodity options
  • Advanced Charting for Implied Volatility and Spreads Utilize our flexible charting tools to track implied volatility and option spreads by expiry and delta. Gain visual insights into market expectations and position your strategies advantageously with data-driven precision.
  • Seamless Integration Across Platforms: Experience the power of our platform on the web, on the move with mobile app, through Excel Add-in, or via instant messaging—options analytics & data your way, anytime, anywhere
Solution 2

Valor View - Options Intelligence Report

  • In-Depth Option Flow Analysis: Uncover the underlying signals in the options market with our detailed flow analysis, highlighting significant trades and shifts in the commodity options landscape
  • Curated Trade Ideas: We present high-potential trade setups tailored to current market conditions, designed to help you harness the volatility and opportunities within the commodities sector
  • Expert Market Commentary: Get our experts' perspectives on the latest events, vol & skew changes, and other catalysts affecting option prices and market dynamics
  • Technical Outlook: A deep dive into commodity charts, showcasing key Open Interest levels, patterns, and indicators that could dictate the next big move in the markets
  • Risk Management Strategies: Practical tips and strategies to help you manage risk effectively in your options trading journey
  • Subscriber-Exclusive Offers: As a valued member of our community, you'll receive first access to our resources, and limited one-on-one consulting services
Portfolio Analysis

Portfolio Analysis - Addon

Advanced Portfolio Analytics: Unveiling Risk and Performance Insights

  • Strategic Risk Management: Elevate your investment strategy with our advanced Portfolio Value at Risk (VaR) analysis. Gain a clear understanding of potential risk exposure and make informed decisions to navigate market volatility confidently.
  • Comprehensive Portfolio Valuation: Unlock the full potential of your investments with detailed portfolio valuation. Our analytics delve into the intricacies of your holdings, providing you with a granular view of asset performance and opportunities for optimization.
  • In-Depth Greeks Analysis: Master your portfolio's dynamics with our thorough analysis of Greeks. Understand how sensitivity measures such as Delta, Gamma, Theta, Vega, and Rho impact your investments, enabling precise adjustments to your strategy in response to market movements.
  • Optimization and Strategy Refinement: Armed with advanced analytics, including portfolio Greeks analysis, we empower investors to fine-tune their strategies. By understanding the sensitivity of your portfolio to various market factors, you can proactively adjust your positions to optimize performance, hedge risks effectively, and seize growth opportunities.
  • Performance Attribution and Benchmarking: Beyond valuation and risk, our portfolio analysis extends to performance attribution, dissecting the sources of returns to quantify the impact of asset selection, allocation, and timing. Benchmarking against relevant indices and peers provides a relative performance perspective, highlighting areas of strength and pinpointing opportunities for improvement.
Back Testing

Back Testing - Addon

Enhanced Back Testing Capabilities for Informed Trading Strategies

  • Rapid Historical Profitability Assessment: Instantly evaluate the potential profitability of your trading strategies by analyzing their performance through historical market conditions. Our back testing tools offer a swift, comprehensive review of how your approach would have fared in the past, allowing for refined decision-making.
  • Deep-Dive Historical Analysis for Strategy Optimization: Delve into the nuances of your strategy's historical performance, assessing success probabilities, risk factors, and other critical metrics. Our advanced analytics empower you to fine-tune your strategies, ensuring they're optimized for both success and resilience.
  • Extensive Options Trade Backtesting: With access to over fifteen years of data, backtest a vast array of options trades to uncover valuable insights. Our robust database supports the examination of strategies across different market cycles, providing a solid foundation for strategy validation.
  • Comprehensive Risk Analysis Tools: Beyond simple backtesting, our platform enables detailed stress testing and risk analysis for any options strategy. Assess your strategy’s response to extreme market conditions, ensuring you’re prepared for volatility and uncertainty.
  • Identify Market Opportunities with Volatility Analysis: Leverage our volatility surface, skew charts, and historical pricing data to identify undervalued or overpriced options. Our analytical tools help you pinpoint the most strategic opportunities in the options market, enhancing your trading edge.