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Accuracy of Information and Disclaimer

The information, data and services (hereafter collectively called "Info") provided on the Valor Analytics LLC (hereafter collectively called “VAL”) website located at https://otcengine.valr.live and through Instant Messenger/Discord (hereafter collectively called "Site") is provided for general information only and is not intended to address any specific requirements of the licensee. It is possible that some of the information on the Site is obtained from third party sources. VAL, to the best of its ability, shall ensure that such information is correct and is acquired from reliable sources, however, it does not warranty the completeness, timeliness or accuracy of the Info contained on the Site. The Info is provided "as is" and VAL, along with its employees and agents accepts no liability and offer no warranties in relation to it. The Info should not be viewed as a form of advice or a trade recommendation. You shall not make any specific investment or other financial decisions on the basis of the Info alone, in other words, you should always independently verify such information before relying on it. If you believe any information on the Site is inaccurate, please let VAL know by contacting VAL at the email address provided below, so that it may review such information. The Site may contain links to third-party independent websites. However, these are not endorsed by VAL. The only intention of VAL for providing such links is that such sites and their information may be of interest to you. All the risk associated with going to such websites is assumed by you and you should make a reasonable assessment of the security and safety of your network before visiting such websites. You assume all responsibility for the content or the use of such websites.

Intellectual Property Rights

The copyright and other intellectual property rights in data, information, services or products and all programs, files, interfaces and other documents prepared by VAL are and will at all times remain the property of VAL. While you are free to read, print and download Info for use in connection with you or your employer's business, you must understand that they are owned by VAL and that VAL reserves all intellectual and other proprietary rights. You may not reproduce, modify, transmit, display, license, create derivative works from, or sell, transfer, distribute or otherwise commercialize the Info without VAL's prior written consent. You may be held responsible for any infringement of VAL's intellectual property rights that arise out of or are connected with your granting any unauthorized user access to the Info on the Site. Except as otherwise agreed by VAL in writing, these Terms and Conditions shall not be assigned and you have no right to sub-license, transfer the benefit or otherwise dispose of the rights hereby granted.


The Info on the Site is protected and restricted by issuing a username and password to every user of the Site. You are not permitted to share the username or password to anyone else including your colleagues. You are solely responsible in all respects for the use of and for protecting the confidentiality of such information. You must notify VAL immediately of any unauthorized use or any breach of security regarding the Site that becomes known to you. The Site functionality, partially or wholly, is limited to the authorized users only. If your entitlement to access this Site is the result of your employer's subscription of the Site and you have no independent agreement with VAL, your license to use the Site will cease the moment your employer terminates its subscription with VAL. In addition, your rightful access to the Site will also terminate if your employment with your employer terminates. You and your employer shall be responsible for notifying VAL of the termination of employment, and for any unauthorized use of the Site by you after your employment with the subscriber has discontinued.


VAL, its officers, employees or agents accepts no liability whatsoever and, to the fullest extent permitted by law, expressly excludes all liability to any user of the Site for any loss or damage arising out of or in connection with usage of the Site, or use of information provided on this Site or downloading any Info from this Site including but not limited to errors, inaccuracies, omissions and misleading statements whether direct or indirect or consequential. VAL, its officers, employees or agents shall in no circumstances be liable for indirect or consequential loss or damage (including but without limitation loss of profit, loss of contracts or loss of user) suffered or incurred by any person resulting from any failure by VAL in the performance of its obligations hereunder. Any conditions or warranties in respect of the Info or any method or service related to it that would otherwise have been implied by law, custom or otherwise are hereby disclaimed and shall not apply.


VAL has put measures in place to ensure the security of information it collects and stores and will use its reasonable efforts to protect your personal data from unauthorized disclosure and/or access including through the use of network and database security measures. However, it cannot guarantee the security of any data it collects and stores.

Usage of information provided by you

VAL is committed to protecting the privacy of those who use its Site, and the confidentiality of any information or details submitted or provided to it by its subscribers and/or users of its website. VAL may use such information for the enhancement of the site or the services provided by the Site. Any market information posted on the Site may be used to keep the Info on the Site up to date and current. The Site may collect information on the user’s operating system, browser version, domain name, Internet provider's address, and details of the website you were using for the purpose of confirming the user’s identity. In addition, the user’s actions on the Site can be recorded and used to prepare statistics on Site usage. These statistics may be used by VAL to launch new products and services to its users and to monitor usage of Info by its users.

Claims of Copyright Infringement

It is the policy of VAL to respect the intellectual property rights of others. VAL does not sanction the unauthorized reproduction or distribution of copyrighted content. If you believe a work has been reproduced or distributed in a way that results in copyright infringement, please notify us by using the contact information found below.

Force Majeure

No failure or omission to carry out any of the services, conditions or warranties to be performed as set out in the Subscription Agreement will lead to any claim or be deemed to be a breach of contract to the extent that such failure or omission arises from causes reasonably beyond the control of VAL.


Failure by VAL to enforce a right does not result in waiver of such right. If any provision or clause in these Terms and Conditions is deemed to be invalid, illegal or unenforceable, the rest of the Terms and Conditions set out herein will remain in full effect.

Contact Information

Further information on these Terms and Conditions or any queries on them contact: info@valoranalytics.com Valor Analytics LLC is a Limited Liability Company registered in the state of Texas, USA