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Market Professionals & Enterprise Solutions

  • Targeted Commodity Option Analytics: Sharpen your trading strategies with our focused analytics on Natural Gas & Crude Oil, providing you with the competitive intelligence you need
  • Personalized Data Analytics Dashboard: Collaborate with us to design a bespoke Data Analytics Portal tailored to the unique needs of you and your team
  • Diverse User Engagement: Whether you're a Trader, Analyst, or Broker, our platform is engineered to cater to the intricacies of your role in the commodities market
  • Comprehensive Trading Suite: Leverage a suite of professional tools including a market feed, exhaustive historical data, portfolio risk management, trade scanning, and an advanced options back-testing framework
  • Custom Pricing Structure: Invest in the tools that matter most to you with our customizable subscription levels—optimal cost-efficiency for your trading budget
  • Multi-Platform Accessibility: Transition seamlessly between web and mobile, delve into details with Excel, or stay connected through instant messaging—trade with unmatched flexibility
  • Connect with VALOR OTCEngine Platform: Step into the realm of high-caliber trading at VALR OTC Engine, where precision meets performance in the world of commodity options
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Individual Trader Solutions

Empower Your Trading Journey with Exclusive Insights and Community Support

  • Curated Market Intelligence: Receive our meticulously crafted email newsletter, brimming with insightful analysis on options flow and cutting-edge analytics to guide your trading decisions
  • Interactive Discord Community: Join our vibrant Discord channel for access to pricing updates, historical market analysis, and innovative trade scanning tools. It's your gateway to a dynamic trading community
  • Collaborative Strategy Development: Immerse yourself in discussions with fellow traders and seasoned market experts. Together, explore and refine option strategies to elevate your trading game
  • Designed for the Aspiring Trader: Tailored specifically for the individual trader embarking on a non-professional trading path, yet equipped with professional-grade insights and tools
  • Comprehensive Trading Toolkit: Harness a wide array of tools at your fingertips, including detailed pricing information, diverse market viewpoints, thorough historical analyses, and advanced trade scanners
  • Flexible Engagement Platforms: Engage with content and community through your preferred modes—whether it's the interactive and immediate environment of Discord or the structured insights provided via Email
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Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us

Valor Analytics: Premier Expertise in Energy Derivatives for Distinguished Institutions

Valor Analytics specializes in energy derivatives trading and advisory, offering a robust analytics platform essential for commodity trading entities and brokerage firms

Our platform delivers in-depth market insights and analysis, catering to banks, hedge funds, and institutional investors aiming to navigate energy markets effectively

Clients benefit from our comprehensive analytical tools and market intelligence, enhancing decision-making and strategic planning

Our expertise serves as a strategic partnership, enabling clients to manage risks and capitalize on opportunities with precision

Engage with Valor Analytics for advanced analytical capabilities and expert guidance in the energy financial derivatives market


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Valor Analytics team has been amazing

Our experience with the Valor Analytics team has been amazing. The attention to detail and haste in which they act on market opportunities is unmatched. The value is there, and the reporting they perform is easy to understand and straight forward. We can better understand activity to come in our industry based on how on-top Valor is with market-centric news.

Chief Executive Officer

Independent Oil Producer

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