Individual Trader

Single Commodity Package

Enhance Your Trading with Community Support

  • Interactive Discord Community: Join our vibrant Discord channel for access to pricing options, historical market analysis, and innovative trade scanning tools. It's your gateway to a dynamic trading community
  • Collaborative Strategy Development: Immerse yourself in discussions with fellow traders and seasoned market experts. Together, explore and refine option strategies to elevate your trading game
  • Designed for the Aspiring Trader: Tailored specifically for the individual trader embarking on a trading path, equipped with professional-grade insights and tools
  • Comprehensive Trading Toolkit: Harness a wide array of tools at your fingertips, including detailed pricing information, diverse market viewpoints, thorough historical analyses, and advanced trade scanners
  • Note: Options prices are 10 min delayed

Annual Plan: $99/month

Multiple Commodities & Weekly Newsletter Package

Everything in Single Commodity Plus

  • Curated Market Intelligence: Receive our meticulously crafted email newsletter, brimming with insightful analysis on options flow and cutting-edge analytics to guide your trading decisions
  • Multiple Commodity Access: Gain access to multiple commodities, including key markets like Natural Gas and Crude Oil. Our platform extends your trading horizon, offering comprehensive data and analytics across multiple commodity sectors. Elevate your strategy with detailed insights into market dynamics, trends, and forecasts for informed decision-making
  • Limited Expert Consultation:Gain instant access to industry experts for personalized advice on commodity markets, strategy optimization, and risk management. Enhance your trading with expert insights and tailored support
  • Flexible Engagement Platforms: Engage with content and community through your preferred modes—whether it's the interactive and immediate environment of Discord or the structured insights provided via Email

Annual Plan: $249/month